Gantner Instruments: Use Case Tailored Big Data Solutions

Gantner Instruments is a leading provider of innovative data acquisition solutions for testing and monitoring applications. They serve customers in the mobility, aerospace, energy and civil engineering industry.

Lovely Systems is responsible for data processing and analytics APIs. Our platform ingests the data from various sources (e.g. Gantner Instruments Q-Stations). This data is then “normalised” and streamed into hot (CrateDB), warm (Kafka), or cold (S3) storage layers depending on the requirements. This allows us to analyse data with very different semantics like:

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Past Experiences

Lovely Systems has a long history in processing (big) data. Back in 2012 we helped Searchmetrics to analyse Twitter data. In 2015 we helped Gigaset to establish their cloud environment for their “Gigaset Elements” line up. In 2016 we helped Senseforce - an IoT startup now known as paze industries - to build their first prototypes for their analytics backend as well as some other IIoT players. Last but not least CrateDB, the SQL database for realtime analytics, has its original roots in Lovely Systems.

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