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We are Football - Case Study

A platform for soccer clubs, players and fans

We are Football (WAF) is a web application targeting soccer clubs, players and fans to provide them information and tools.

The platform was build from Lovely Systems in 2014 with our responsibility on the overall technical architecture and implementation of the scalable web services.

Challenge and Process: Time to market

The challenge was to build a full-stack application within a timeframe of 12 biweekly sprints starting from scratch with transforming the founders ideas to a processable backlog, organising design as well as service and front-end development.

We strongly believe in agile development processes and use scrum as our preferred methodology. For WAF we had weekly sessions with our customer to form the backlog, prioritising the epics and work them out to processable stories. As the scope of a project is usually not fixed as the projects starts or at least changes during the project, we use to create some agile fixed price agreements which provides the customer the security about the budget and allows changes in the scope at any given time.

Architecture and Technology: WAF is build to scale

We decided to create the platform as shared nothing, horizontal scalable web services build with Pyramid and The web services provide JSON REST APIs for web- and mobile-apps.

This architecture allows us to easily scale to multiple nodes to be able to handle whatever traffic is expected.

The client web application is build in HTML5/CSS3/AngularJS and completely separated from the services. To be able to provide crawl-able pages for search engines like google - even if we are using an rich ajax single-page-application - we take use of to get static pages rendered via nodejs and route all robot traffic to these files.

To learn more about our users we take advantage on Google Analytics and Mixpanel as well.

Next Steps

WAF is growing step by step from the local test market to a national and global community. As a next milestone, the much requested mobile apps for iOS and Android are expected and we are looking forward to see the next new features on the market this summer.

Written by Manfred Schwendinger

Posted on February 15, 2015

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