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New Features in Card Builder

Since taking over the Card Builder project a few months ago, we've been working hard on adding new features.

The result we are most proud of are two new card types. The all new HTML card type allows editors to add custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript which opens up a wide range of possibilities to include external embeds in a card stack. The Gif card type comes with support for multiple layout options and is better suited to handle animated Gifs than the more general Media card type.

Another feature requested by our customers is the possibility to include formatted text in card descriptions. In the latest version of Card Builder we've added support for lists, links, subheadings, as well as bold, italic and underlined text.


As our users created more and more card stacks it became harder for them to find cards and stacks in the CMS. With the new stack search it's easy for editors to find relevant cards and stacks again.

If you want to learn more about Card Builder check out the explanatory card stack below.

Written by Florian Hämmerle

Posted on November 21, 2017

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